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Commission Information!
Commission me. I need the money to move to Arizona.

My name is Kero.

You're right, that's not my actual name. But it's the best one when it comes to contacting me!

If you want to know a whole bunch about me, well, you're best bet is to just talk to me. I always appreciate comments on my work, and I work very hard for what I do. I consider myself a slow moving artist; I don't have the speed a lot of people do, but I pride myself in quality above all.

My main art subjects include dragons, animals, whatever fandom I happen to be following at the time, and science fiction creature design. I'm always looking to expand my horizons and make myself and my art better and better! It's a constant battle, especially considering my life is busy and tumultuous at it's best, and downright impossible at it's worst. (Yech!)

I'm 27 years old but that's subject to change depending on how long it's been since I wrote this!

Growing up is for losers, man.

I'mma draw dragons and animals and whatever else I feel like till I'm dead XP


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Changing Perspective

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 10, 2014, 6:22 AM
I hate to kick my old journal off the page, I just felt like this was something that needed to be addressed and might spark some interesting discussion if my friends and watchers might want to!


This all started when I was thinking about the things that bother me in the world today.

The world is angry. Not a single one of you, from old to young, can possibly deny this fact. Wherever people go, they gripe, gossip, and sneer about this or that. 'That guy cut me off!' 'I'm not getting enough of this or that; people need to think about me!' 'Oh god she's trying to be nice again, what a fake.' 'Did you this about so and so? I just heard this this morning!' 'I hope he dies in a hole. What a bastard.'

Sound familiar? It does to me. It isn't just in life, either; I see this kind of thing online far too often. Hate, like some sort of mud, slung around and covering everyone until no one is left clean. At a certain point we forget what we're even angry at. It's just looking for any reason to find fault in something happening in our days, because we just know something or someone will come along and turn our entirely not positive moods toward a new low.

Why? Because we're human.

It's fun to find fault in others. It's downright easy to see the bad in everything and complaining is a social activity we all share. You can get people to agree with you, to see your points, and then you start looking at people like you're better than them. It's a tiny high that doesn't have anything to do with drugs, at comes at the expense of others, not yourself. Because you're better, aren't you? You'd never make that mistake, would you?

All that time never knowing that your friends and fellows around you could and probably are looking at you with that same hidden disdain.

Sometimes it feels like the world is digging itself into a hole. The more anger and hatred that tends to go around, the worse it gets. A person speaks their opinion, and suddenly a dozen onlookers of a different opinion are in their face, razing them for beliefs that never stepped on their toes any more than being slightly different from what they want to see. Crime, poverty, stress and strain, bad news stories and natural disasters... Is there anything positive left?

Is there any scrap of good left in this world? Or are people just destined to tear each other apart because that's what everyone accepts is normal?

I'd like to think there is. I'd like to think that we aren't.

To get to that, the first step we all need to take is a step back.

When was the last time you thought 'Today is a really nice day.' or 'I screwed that up so bad it was funny!'. When was the last time you actually took a step back and realized that now, this moment of bad or good, isn't forever? The anger and bad feelings tend to pile up so much it feels like things will never end, and that we're just slogging through a monotonous life of gray, but is it really so terrible as all of that? And before you go crying at me for 'some sort of happy go lucky hippy bullshit, you have no idea what I've been through!' ... just don't. Don't assume that I don't know how hard life is. I do. I've been through terrible, horrible things that would turn some people into bitter hags.

But I can't change life. I can only change how I see it.

It starts with us. We want the world to change into something better? We want to have less hatred flying around, to feel less stares on our backs, waiting for us to mess up? It starts with us.

Enjoy something simple today. Smile. Tell someone that it's okay if they're taking a while with your food order; you understand that they're busy. Tell someone that their hair or clothes or shoes are amazing, even if you don't even know them. Thank someone for helping you out. Laugh at your own mistakes, because life is too short to sit there being mad over something you knocked over or forgot. Just laugh because you're alive, and even if it may not be the 'best' time to be alive in, you are. Feel blood coursing through your veins and let the window of the car down so you can feel the breeze and smell everything outside has to offer. Watch the rain. Help someone that has their hands full.

Understand that everyone around you is fighting just as hard a battle as you are to live. Make it easier; not to gain anything, but just because you can.

Stand up for someone, not because it's easier, but because it's harder.

The world is angry. Everyone in it can feel there's something wrong, but there's no way anything can be made right if we let it consume us. We can make a difference; we can feel better and go through the day with new experiences and new outlooks if we only escape the rut of complaining and a bitter cloud of hate fogging everything around us. Be a light in the darkness, even if you only flicker here and there.

I'd much rather see you smile than frown.


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