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The Real Dangers in Depression Treatments

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 29, 2014, 4:54 AM

If you want to help at all, +fav this journal. If you or anyone you know is affected by depression, any other kind of mental illness, or have ever been taken advantage of, -please- +fav this journal. The best way to help people at risk is spreading awareness, and my goal is to get this essay on the front page of Deviantart, so that more young children out there that might be at risk are informed of what's going on.


So, as my last journal implied, there was a recent emergency in my life that affected myself, my boyfriend, my boyfriend's mother, and most importantly, my boyfriend's sister. I would advise you to read the details here: :oEDIT: Rewrote everything to be more detailed and clear.
OKAY THANK GOODNESS I AM BACK. Now some pretty serious shit went down and scary things. 
So basically I was hauled off to a mental hospital after they found out I had some depression and had threatened my mother to investigate my family with social workers if she did not send me there. Just to be clear I do not have a abusive family, my family is very kind and I love them very much. Just some problems back in the Philippines and my father committing suicide had roughed me up badly. My mother is just easily bullied into things and they had kept me in a hospital for around a day and I was disoriented as hell. When the counselor told me that I should go to a mental hospital I was worried about it. Sure I had problems with depression but I was not that bad and I told her I wanted to go home for now and talk about it with my family but she basically insisted that I not go. No matter how many times I told her I wanted to go
before you go any further in this journal; she says it very well, and had more insight on what was happening behind the scenes than I do, as I was one of those outside the scene trying to help get in.

Recently, due to Robin Williams' death, there has been a surge in public outcry for help for Depression and other mental illnesses related to it. I have seen journals everywhere, advising others to ask for help, to go to their doctors, to seek medical and professional assistance. In fact, I was one of them that advised my boyfriend's sister that she go to a medical professional and ask about possible forms of therapy that might help her without medication.

However, we tend to forget in our enthusiasm to help and get others what they need, that with an uprising surge in any product there will be an equal surge in those looking to capitalize on it.

Just because you are in a hospital and advised by medical professionals does not mean you cannot be swindled and manipulated. Depression is a very serious disease that affects almost every person in the world in some way. Those desperate to seek help, those without enough awareness of the disease or those, like parents, that just want their children better, are prime pickings for anyone looking to make a buck.

And in this case, 'making a buck' can come to hundreds of thousands of dollars in inpatient treatment, drug commissions, and state funding.

There -are- predatory organizations in this world that advertise that they will give therapy based on patient needs, treat them with love and understanding, and wave shiny diplomas and years of medical quality in your face. But when push comes to shove, they won't tell you any more than that. People who make their primary source of income in taking advantage of young children and their families carted my boyfriend's sister away, despite an actual strong resistance against making the decision rashly. They professionally and systematically used the system, fear, and psychological tactics to -force- this situation onto an already hurting and vulnerable family. By their own words, they offered no treatment options that did not involve being medicated daily, regardless of individual needs or the wishes of the patient and family.

And do not think for an instant that this was entirely illegal. Despite the sliminess of it, every single thing that was done was legal, because they managed to get the mother to sign the papers. They used subtle force; Blackmail IS illegal, and highly so, but again they could have used any excuse to cover their words. By threatening to get a social worker involved, they could have cried concern that my boyfriend's sister was in an abusive household and that they suspected foul play. It's a pretty 'noble' reason to attempt to 'get the child into a safe, constructive environment away from outside influences'.

Everything else? Pretty well supported by the system. If you're a child suffering from depression, you'd better hope your parents are concerned enough to look into things twice. If they aren't, you're helpless in the subject of your own care, and your parents will dance to the song of those that they believe are certified. If you're a parent or adult, you have to be a hundred times more careful, checking and rechecking everything even while having enormous pressure put on you to 'do the right thing' every step of the way.

These professional swindlers have every advantage over you. The medical and legal system is designed in a certain way, and like any organization, they have lawyers and a keen eye for plucking its strings. There was no actual way for anyone in this situation to gather evidence on any illegal activity if there was any, but as you read in the journal that was linked; the medical staff there did not offer much in the way of actual treatment for any of these children, and the other children that were there were more of a help than the medical staff.

Now, here I am going to list -exactly- what the website, that I found after about an hour and a half of serious digging through the hospital's webpages, says about what was supposed to be offered in this care.

Program Goals

   -Provide Symptom Relief
-Eliminate suicidal/homicidal thoughts
   -Increase impulse control
   -Increase ability to perform daily living activities
   -Develop a healthy daily routine

   Program Services

   -Individual and Group treatment approach
   -Academic services
   -Activity Therapy
   -Patient and Family Education
   -Nursing Services
   -Medication Intervention
   -Patient Specific Counseling
   -Family support
   -Comprehensive discharge planning
   Daily Program Activities

   -Education in medication, nutrition, and coping mechanisms
   -Community living
   -Goal Setting
   -Recreational Activities
   -Relaxation techniques

Being as I am not sure I can legally link the webpage in this journal, I'm going to forgo giving a link or naming any specific hospital names in this case. However, if asked, I will happily provide you with the link over private communication so you can see yourself.


This all sounds like a legitimate plan, does it not?

Right. There are a few key red flag words.

"Medication Intervention" was the one that caught my eye first. ANY person in a situation where they are basically incarcerated in a medical treatment center should look for this first, and if you think it's not worded in quite so comfortable a way as you'd like... you'd be right. This means they will 'intervene' with medication. This is a term you're more likely to see in drug rehab or very serious mental institutions for those with severe problems, NOT a few children that are depressed.

"Comprehensive Discharge Planning". Once you go in, you don't come out. Not without one of the head honchos to sign your release, which the treatment center can fight for any reason they deem necessary, up to an including if you refuse medical treatment from them. My boyfriend's sister met several children who had been refusing the drugs, and thus were forced to stay for much longer than the plan's 'maximum inpatient time'. This also can sometimes mean that the center can pull you back in for more treatment after you go home, depending on how they feel that you're coping in the outside world.

What they don't list here is that their calling hours are exactly 1:45-3:00 PM, and 6:00-9:00PM, and that they are technically not allowed to take calls INTO the treatment center. Children are only allowed to call out, and from personal experience, I had to run through hoops of fire to get a single call through. By that time, I had also been told more than once that I wasn't allowed to call, that I should call back later, that I should leave a message, that my boyfriend's sister was busy, that I did not have a valid reason for calling, and that I shouldn't worry because she would be calling me shortly (She does not know my number). Their staff supervised the single phone call that I managed to get through. I heard them talking to my boyfriend's sister in the background, trying to get her to hang up early.

Their visitation hour is 6-7 PM. No electronics whatsoever are allowed inside, no personal contact is allowed otherwise.

As for all these fancy services they offer? Neither my boyfriend's family nor my boyfriend's sister were ever brought in for education about the disease, any kind of support, or any information whatsoever. The treatment options and counseling were mostly in "Letting us run around and do our own thing". Contact was otherwise so limited that there was nothing but a gigantic blank space when it came to the question of 'Is she alright? What are they doing to her?"

Even better. Despite that there was a treatment center in the exact same town that my boyfriend's family lived in, his sister was brought over an hour's drive away from them and any assistance. It was brought up that there was a facility in the same town, and when it was, the staff again brought up the subject of social workers and getting the case looked into if she was not moved immediately to the next city. This was witnessed, even. They were pretty blatant in their strongarm techniques.

This was not treatment in any way. And unfortunately, there are hundreds if not thousands of families out there that believe their children are in a safe, constructive environment, being taken care of and lovingly provided by the staff as they get the tools necessary for handling their disease.

You want a cry for awareness? You have just been informed. The best and most effective way to fight these organizations is by KNOWING that they exist, and protecting yourselves from being taken advantage of. RESEARCH and serious questioning is key. Do not allow yourselves to be bulled into taking one option when there -are- legitimate operations out there that provide quality care and support. LOOK THROUGH WHAT IS AVAILABLE TO YOU AND NEVER COMPROMISE IN YOUR TREATMENT. Stand with your family, your friends, or even on your own, and make sure that you get what is right for you.

It may seem like more of a hassle, but it is far better than being used as a moneymaking scheme by a center whose profit margins are dependent on how many children they can keep in their care.

If you know of a legitimate operation that helps with Depression and other mental illnesses, please list it here. The world and the people in it NEED more of an idea of those that will actually help them, and so many people are at risk right now. So many children are still in that center, their families still believe that they're just fine and getting the care they need when they may be getting anything but.

Depression is a serious issue right now. It makes your life hell, and after the death of Robin Williams, it is now a famous disease. The risk of being taken advantage of in your attempts to get treatment are very high, and unfortunately it is very real and it CAN happen to you. Stay informed, and stay safe.

Thank you for reading.


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